BitComet 1.39 torrent download

July 26, 2017 by Silverfox

BitComet 1.39

BitComet 1.39

BitComet P2P scene since 2003 and still goes BitTorrent / HTTP / FTP as a download client.

BitComet allows you to share files with other users, even if you can only use files that can be legally interchangeable. The interface is similar to eMule with functions that rotate in the left pane, the top buttons will be downloaded at the top and the main windows that appear in the main window. After the download of files, the usual suspension, suspension, cancellationStop, update, etc. OptionsBitComet’s plus are “Remove all torrent and files,” which remove unwanted torrent traces from your computer.

The download speeds are fine, although similar applications like P2P may not be like uTorrent. One reason for this is that BitComet does not have a lot of users, because the market is more efficient and more affordable. One of BitComet’s most convenient features, however, is a preview media option, torrentDownloading Instantly Instead, you can watch multimedia downloads randomly. It’s a great way to avoid covered links, but on the other hand, your download will slow down dramatically.

Latest Experiments With BitComet, it allows you to download some torrents data or all data from bittorrent sources or from other torrents or content. Note that this release is the first bittorrent client to provide a stable version of 64bit

An interesting feature of BitCometIt’s smart that Cache really comes with a high-speed connection. If you download 500Kb / speed or higher, BitComet can store data in the cache for less disk drives. As a result, it does not slow down the PC, sometimes it can take large amounts of data.

BitComet’s disadvantage is that advertisements are bullied in the mainstream from time to time. The other disadvantage is that removal procedure is not particularly clean. The application directory is stored in the log in S, the first and last manually can be deletedYou have a clear record like Revo.

There are more and more user-friendly clients, such as uTorrent uTorrent and Azureus, which offer better download rates. However, if you have a very fast connection, you can not load your files before waiting and a torrent-Client can enjoy a lot of whistles and clocks, and BitComet is right for you.


Enhanced GUI: Save the height of the taskbar window and Torrent-History panel

Enhanced GUI: keep the taskWhen an error occurs when a download is downloaded depending on the work assignment

Enhanced GUI: Add Confirmation dialog when the screen is restored Peer Share listen hidden torrent

GUIBug fixed: automatic shutting down does not work

GUI Bugfix: Open URL system using the browser IE instead

GUI Bugfix: The torrent icon should not use the program icon

GUI Bugfix: When the new Torrent is added, all files are downloaded from the selected oneInstead

GUIBugfix: Assignment Assignment The Assignment List can not be changed when you click Start / End

GUI Bugfix: View – Task List – Show filter does not work when the program starts

Core Bugfix: A useful torrent file that does not use UTF-8 encoding

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